I’ve been working with words for more than 20 years. From corporate multinationals to indie publishers, I’ve been around the block. More than once. From the painfully hip Dazed & Confused to the arthritic hip of The Daily Telegraph in just 20 short years, my career path really does show that you eventually turn into your dad. It also shows that I’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the publishing industry, and collectively my work has been read by millions of people around the world (especially this one).

My background is in illustrated non-fiction in various roles – sub-editor, copy-editor, proof-reader, copywriter, editor and managing editor – but I also work with authors and publishers to help them with their fiction titles, either in print or as eBooks. Over the years I have worked on part-works, newspapers, magazines, books, apps, eBooks, websites and all sorts of marketing material. I’m always looking for new challenges.

For those of your who prefer your interesting ‘about me’ facts summarised in a handy infographic, here’s a scientifically verified graph to give you an idea of my editorial skills:

What Im Made of_background
If you choose not to believe these findings maybe my references will help to change your mind.


Why Are You Here?

The odds are that you came to my website because you’re looking for someone to help get the best from your written word. You could be a publisher or in marketing, wanting to get your book, magazine, catalogue or business communication ready for publication. Or you could be an author wanting to iron out errors, typos or other terrible mistakes before you self-publish or submit your manuscript to an agent or publisher. Chances are I can help – have a look at my services to see how. And please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you think I can be of assistance.