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Discovery have a dedicated team that work their way through their back catalogue of programming to find clips that can be used in UK schools to help teach curriculum subjects to primary and secondary students. The online packages that a school can subscribe to are extensively supported by written material for the class teacher – lesson plans, activities, guides, debates and questions to inspire learning in conjunction with the online video clips.

My job is to edit the supporting documents so that they are accurate, grammatically correct, consistently styled and presented and produced according to a comprehensive style guide. You can find a reference to support my contribution to Discovery here.

Imagine My Surprise…

Imagine My Surprise

…edited by Ian Hollingshead (Aurum Press) – 192p (print edition)

My role: eBook proof-reader, June 2015


Typical OCR errors 

Conversion error

Kindle LOC: 959-971

Progress: 27%

Middle of page: ‘my 8oth birthday’ – change to 80th

error present in ADE file p.34

error not present in PDF file p.66



Kindle LOC: 2774-2786

Progress: 79%

4th line from top: ‘Argentineans’ – should be Argentinians

issue present in ADE file p.87

issue present in PDF original, p.177


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