Inside the Human Body

Inside the Human Body

Between May 1998 and April 2000 I was the full-time editor of Midsummer Book’s twice-monthly health title, responsible for the editorial planning, production and delivery of this highly successful medical part-work.

My duties included managing the in-house team of designers, commissioning editors and editors, plus an external team of medical specialists, contributors, artists and photographers – as well as getting the magazine out on time.

Other responsibilities:

• Planning and continuity of the entire contents in advance.

• Designing and laying out pages when required.

Extensive in-theatre experience, photographing surgery and interviewing surgeons while they worked, documenting procedures for publication. I worked with surgeons post-operatively to ensure my features were detailed, 100 percent accurate and correctly illustrated with my photographs plus commissioned artwork.

Packaging my titles for numerous foreign markets and assisting with the creation of online editions.


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