Queen Unseen

Queen Unseen

by Peter Hince (John Blake) – 288p (print edition)


My role: copy editor/proof-reader, June 2011


Typical errors 

p.18, 4th line from top: “him releasing some fired-up some”. Repetition of ‘some’ – does the author mean energy, tension, nerves, something else?

p.106, 3rd line from top: “Sakuragichu”. Please check, does the author mean “Sakuragichō” – ?

p.129, middle of page: “When Margaret Thatcher won the general election in 1979, we were on tour in Japan”. See my earlier point about timeline – p.89 states the year as 1980 when they leave America for Japan.

p.203, 2nd from last line: Las Palabras de Amor, reference to song title. It should be “Las Palabras D’amour”.


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