1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die

1001 Albums

by Cassell Illustrated (author), Robert Dimery (editor) (Quintessence) – 960p (print edition)
My role: eBook proof-reader, November 2011

Typical editorial and OCR errors
• Multiple examples of code fragments appearing in running copy (8% of entries feature this problem)
• Multiple examples of words run together with no spacing (8% of entries feature this problem)
• Wrong pull quotes featuring on album pages (a rare problem, affecting around 3% of entries)
• Conversion problems with accents, plus residual code tags in band titles and running copy (5% of entries have this problem)
• There are two pictures sizes used throughout the eBook edition. Around 60% of entries feature the wrong size image inside their picture box; the rest are thumbnails and should be resized
• Around 80% of entries in the 2000 decade are illustrated with the picture from the entry on the previous page

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