Dunkirk: From Disaster to Deliverance – Testimonies of the Last Survivors


by Sinclair McKay (Aurum Press) – 352p (print edition)

My role: eBook proof-reader, July 2014

Typical OCR errors 

Kindle LOC 5205 (index), 4th line from top: ‘published Eggs Beans and Crumpets, to enthusiastic’ – comma needed: ‘Eggs, Beans and Crumpets’

Kindle LOC 5205 (index): ‘Fields, Gracie 13, 39–40, 275 fifth columnists xv, 96, 105–6, 117–18, 300–1’the ‘fifth column’ entry should be on its on line, and with a capital ‘F’ – see PDF p347


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